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  • Cotton Spindle Cleaner

    Cotton Spindle Cleaner

    Features and Benefits

    • Excellent detergency as it removes and prevents the build up of sap and dirt.
    • Excellent emulsion properties as it mixes readily with water using minimal agitation.
    • Readily emulsifiable with hard water.
    • Is an effective cleaner even at very low treat rates.
  • FarmPlus Hydratrans Tractor Transmission Oil

    FarmPlus Hydratrans Tractor Transmission Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Designed to reduce inventories by eliminating the need for operators to obtain multiple fluids to meet equipment requirements.
    • Keeps the wet brake system operating smoothly & efficiently.
  • FarmPlus Universal Tractor Oil

    FarmPlus Universal Tractor Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Advanced additive chemistry extends component life by providing high film strength and low temperature performance.
    • Friction modifiers keep wet brake systems operating quietly and efficiently.
    • A true STOU, suitable for use in a range of agricultural equipment.
  • Harvester Hydraulic AT Fluid

    Harvester Hydraulic AT Fluid

    Features and Benefits

    • Formulated using the latest technology for shear stability, ensuring the fluid maintains its original properties under the most arduous conditions.
    • Has a high viscosity index and the ability to ‘stay in grade’, providing maximum protection at start up (cold temperatures).
    • Protects the equipment under operating conditions including shock loading.
  • Unitrac SAE 80W

    Unitrac SAE 80W

    Features and Benefits

    • Valvoline Unitrac 80W is specially formulated for agricultural use, adjusted to different circumstances like low speed/high torque. The carefully chosen base oils and additive system form a protective oil film for various tractor components.
    • Detergent and dispersant additives help keep the gearbox, differential, and hydraulic system clean and in good condition protecting against moisture, rust, corrosion and oxidation.