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  • 2 Stroke Engine Oil

    2 Stroke Engine Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Contains additives to minimise wear ensuring long engine life.
    • Mixes easily with petrol if required, and can be used at ratios of 10:1 to 50:1.
  • 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

    2 Stroke Outboard Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Self-mixing, special ashless detergents keep deposits to an absolute minimum.
    • Reduces pre-ignition and piston rings sticking.
    • Protects 2 stroke outboard engines from wear, rust and corrosion.
    • Formulated for both air and water-cooled 2 stroke outboard engines where NMMA TC-W3 is required.
    • Tinted green for easy mixture identification.
  • 2 Stroke Racing Oil

    2 Stroke Racing Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Synthetic fortified formulation.
    • Prevents pre-ignition and plug fouling.
    • Provides maximum lubrication.
    • Prevents exhaust and port clogging.
  • 4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

    4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Wet clutch protection.
    • Special cleaning agents and dispersants help prevent deposit formation to keep engine clean.
    • Contains the proper balance of additives for maximum horsepower.
    • Increased anti-wear agents (zinc and phosphorous) to minimise wear.
    • Shear stable viscosity improvers better resist oil film breakdown.
    • Advanced additives help prevent foaming and maintain proper lubrication to offer high performance RPM.
    • A balanced additive system to resist rust and corrosion.
  • 4 Stroke Outboard 10W-40 Oil

    4 Stroke Outboard 10W-40 Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors help protect engine internals while in storage.
    • Offers enhanced wear and corrosion protection which cannot be met by standard engine oils in the hostile salt water environments outboard engines encounter.
    • Protects outboard engines from the harsh marine environment.
  • Outboard Gear Oil

    Outboard Gear Oil

    Features and Benefits

    • Contains advanced performance extreme pressure additives which will ensure superior gear lubrication even in the presence of salt water.
    • Excellent anti-wear performance properties along with oxidation resistance and corrosion protection under severe conditions.
    • Provides increased protection against rust, corrosion, oxidation and wear under severe conditions.