Permanent Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Pro X Ceramic Coating provides incredibly high standards when it comes to car paint correction and protection. We take pride in what we do and therefore use only the finest quality products. These products, along with expert correction and application, create an inseparable bond on a molecular level within your paintwork giving your vehicle a protective coating which is far superior than any wax or sealant. Experience the genuine long term shine and protection in a way that only Pro X Ceramic Coating can deliver.  Protect your car paint from damage with high quality pain protection and paint correction products and keep it like a new for years.”

Looking for quality car accessories in Melbourne? Come to Race Van & Car Accessories, there you can find everything that you need to make your car more amazing, from accessories to car safety tools, paint protection to various services they have it all for you.

Keeping the surface of the car shiny and bright like a new is challenging. Don’t let dust, dirt, scratch, or any other element destroys the ravishing beauty of your car. Get the car paint protected by high quality permanent ceramic coating in Melbourne. And if by chance the car paint has been damaged, then you can rely on paint correction products for fixing the issue. Keep the gloss and shine of your car protected by best ceramic coating and keep your car like a new. 

If you are wondering how to protect the car or how to make it more useful and secure with the right accessories then you are at the right place. 

Supported by the team of automotive enthusiast, we are always ready to assist our clients with the best possible solutions for their automobile trouble. Whether they want services like permanent ceramic coating in Melbourne, or glass car coating we are always there to advise the best possible solution for the car protection.

Race van & Car Accessories does not support or sell any specific brand, but we help our customers in picking what is best for their car. Tell us your concern and we will suggest a solution. Whether you want to choose a new stereo, central lock, alarm or tow bar when you consult the market experts, they help you in choosing what can actually optimize your car’ s performance. They suggest after considering your car brand, model, condition and compatibility with the chosen product when you play such a close attention to each and every detail, then you will definitely choose a long-lasting solution for your automobile. 





Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

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