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  • M80II

    The M80II is the latest flagship model from Mongoose.

    It’s a ‘2in1’ security system.

    1: If your vehicle has central door locking but is not remote controlled, no problem….the M80II is supplied with 2 remote controls.

    2: If your vehicle already has remote controlled locking, but no security alarm system, no problem…..the M80II can be installed as an ‘upgrade’ so you just use your vehicle remotes as normal.

    As we say, ‘2in1’ – it fits almost any type of 12 volt vehicle !

    It is equipped with THREE automatic engine immobilisers (which may be in addition to any factory immobilisation), full alarm functions, 2 stage impact sensor, microphone glass break sensor, ‘Standards’ all black wiring, battery back-up siren, programmable 4 digit PIN override and a range of programmable options.

    If you want the best, then look no further than an M80II model.

    With shock sensor – M80II ‘S’ 4 STAR

    With shock senor and glass break sensor – M80GII ‘G’ 5 STAR