Engine Immobilisers

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  • M15

    This cost effective dual circuit engine immobiliser is so easy to use.3 star

    Turn the engine off and the immobiliser arms after 30 seconds.

    To start the engine, just touch the transponder tag against the dash mounted receiver.

    Simple, clever, yet very secure !

  • M40

    3 Star remote controlled dual circuit immobiliser with keyless entry

  • M60I – 3 STAR

    With the M60i, your engine will automatically immobilise 30 seconds after turning the ignition off – so you know your vehicle is always secure.

    Automatic engine immobilisers are designed to deter theft by preventing the starting and running of your vehicle’s engine. The M60i immobilises 2 independant engine circuits and are designed and tested to comply with NZ Standards.

    If your vehicle has central locking, the M60i can also provide keyless entry – just press the remote button and your doors lock or unlock !

    The M60i includes a built-in 1 to 5 minute turbo timer that allows the system to be armed with the engine running with no sacrifice in security. If your vehicle is broken into whilst the engine is running, the engine will stop and be immobilised immediately.

    The M60i can easily be upgraded to one of the 4 or 5 Star alarm versions by adding the siren and sensor(s) of your choice.

    Fully Tested and Certified to the AS/NZ 4601 amendment 1, 2003