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  • Q242

    The Q242 is your complete in-car entertainment centre including GPS navigation as standard.
    Its suitable for almost any vehicle with a double DIN dashboard space..
    It is packed with a great range of features in one easy to use touch screen system

  • Q2CA

    The Q2CA with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™.

    If you have one of the latest Smart Phones then the Q2CA is made for you. Using your phones original USB lead, just plug-in to share your phones features with the Q2CA. It even charges your phones whilst driving !



    CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone for the more important phone features whilst you are driving.

    These are shown on the Q2CA’s 6.75″ screen and are selected by the Apple standard display icons shown on the right.

    Use your own phones’ GPS navigation and maps – Bluetooth handsfree phone calls – Bluetooth music – send & receive messages – Siri voice control and more.

    Android Auto

    Android Auto™ allows you to plug-in the latest Android mobile phones, 5.0 or higher, to let you enjoy many of your phones features.

    Use Google maps for your GPS navigation, Google Play Music, make phone calls and send messages via voice whilst keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

    To use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you must use your phones original genuine factory USB cable. Aftermarket cables may not be compatible.

  • Q2CA
  • Q7CA
  • Q7CA-T